Sacrament of Eucharist

The Eucharist is the preeminent sacrament from which all others receive meaning. In the Eucharist, Christ is most profoundly present in the church where we gather to hear the Word of God and to share the nourishment of Christ's body with one another. The times for daily and weekend celebrations of the Eucharistic liturgy are listed elsewhere in this website and in the weekly bulletin.

First Eucharist: First Eucharist is generally celebrated in the third grade at SS Peter & Paul Faith Community. Parental participation is required.

Eucharist to the Homebound: The Eucharist can be brought to people who are home-bound by a parish priest, deacon or a Extraordinary Minister of Communion by prior arrangement. Please inform the parish office if anyone in the family is unable to participate in the Eucharistic liturgy for an extended period of time.

Communion Services: Communion services are conducted on a weekly or monthly basis at several area nursing homes and assisted living residences by our Deacons, Pastoral Associate or trained Ministers of the Eucharist. Preaching a homily is optional. Ministers are assigned to a particular residence and scheduled for monthly participation.