Small Faith Communities

In the last century, more than 100,000 small Christian communities have come into being throughout the world. In the United States, these groups take the form of scripture study groups, prayer groups, support groups or ministerial communities. In a parish as large as Saints Peter and Paul, the Small Faith Community provides a means for Catholics to enhance their spiritual lives and to live the mission of Christ more fully through communion with other Catholics. All of our parishioners are asked to consider what it means to be holy and encouraged to become part of a group of people striving to live their lives according to the spirit of Christ.

Most small faith communities consist of 10 to 12 parishioners who meet once a month in their homes or in the parish. Together they pray, read and reflect on the scripture readings for the following Sunday or use topical materials designed for small groups. Discussion and discernment of God's Word is facilitated by a group leader who focuses on the challenge and call to live out the gospel reading I our daily human experience. Facilitators of these groups are trained and may meet periodically with a pastoral staff member for continuing spiritual growth.

Anyone interested in becoming part of an existing small faith group, starting a new group or acting as facilitator or host for a group is invited to call the Pastoral Associate at the Parish Office.