Marriage Preparation: Sponsor Couple

The Sponsor Couple Marriage Preparation Program uses “like-to-like” ministry to help prepare engaged couples to increase their knowledge and awareness of each other’s values and attitudes, as well as improve their communication skills and the expression of their shared spirituality.   This offers much benefit to engaged couples due to the modeling relationship they experience with their Sponsor Couple.  The Sponsor Couple benefits by continued insight into their own marriage, derived from sharing their life’s experiences and love’s responses.

The Sponsor Couple must have a valid Catholic marriage, solid, open communication, respect, the willingness to share marriage with others, a good sense of humor, must be a living witness to  the value of a Christian marriage, and must exercise the rule of confidentiality.

We are always looking for new, dedicated sponsor couples.  If interested, please call...

Ellen and Vincent DeWind 634-0269