Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers) assist the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion during the celebration of the Mass. Ministers may also bring the Eucharist to our parishioners who are homebound. 

Interested applicants must meet the following Diocesan guidelines: "...mature Catholics respected in the Parish community who are noted for their devotion to the Eucharist and their service to the parish". Accepted applicants are required to compete a short course of study and may meet annually for a Day of Reflection.

Like the Lectors, Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers are assigned to a particular mass on a quarterly basis and are responsible for getting their own substitutes from a published list. Individuals may commit to more frequent participation such as daily mass, if they choose. 

Some ministers devote their ministry to visitation of homebound parishioners. Others limit their participation to substituting for scheduled ministers who are unable to minister on their regularly assigned days. The flexibility of this ministry allows all who desire to participate.