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Welcome to Saints Peter and Paul Parish

We are a faith community of Roman Catholics who are united in Christ. Our lives are based on  faith, hope and charity, guided by the Holy Spirit and sustained by the Sacraments.

Our mission is to help all people achieve salvation by spreading the message of God’s love. We strive to strengthen this effort by enriching ourselves through the Scriptures and the Sacraments.

We share our faith by teaching, personal witness and works of charity.

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Catholic Education began at Saints Peter and Paul when our founder Saint John Neumann used his own money to buy benches for children to sit on when he taught them about Jesus and the love of God.  The trustees of the parish back then had withheld his salary and no one was interested in supporting his initiative of Catholic education.  Yet as the saintly Father Neumann taught our children, he taught us all about the necessity and crucial importance of this ministry.


As we begin the 2014/15 school year, today’s atmosphere for education remains bleak.  All around us school districts are cutting back on all kinds of educational programs and opportunities.  Reimbursement for state mandated educational services decreases every year.  In our modern society where there is a demand for all kinds of education because of our inventions and modern technology, it is stunning that there actually is less support for education.  The result is that American children are scoring below children of other countries in a variety of study areas.


This makes support for Catholic Education all the more urgent.  If our society is becoming more secular, we should be more devoted to the religious education and formation of our children.  If public schools are cutting back on educational programming, then we should be even more eager to provide our children with the environment that develops adults who are faithful Catholics and contributors to our world.


Saint John Neumann understood that when he bought those first benches.  He left us the true legacy of being Catholics:  to teach as Jesus taught.  Now,  more than ever, your support of our Catholic School and Religious Education Program is needed to continue the legacy.  Please be generous so that the learning and growing in Christ will continue.


Give generously to the






For the 5th Annual

Community Clothing Exchange


Get ready to clear out and donate some of the clothing and shoes that are taking up space in your closet and replace them with FREE finds from our upcoming SSPP Clothing Exchange!  Donations of gently used items will be accepted from Sunday, September 28th through Friday, October 3rd.  The Clothing Exchange will be held Saturday, October 4th and Sunday, October 5th from 9am - Noon.  Stay tuned for more details! 


4 days ago by Kari Roche


It’s that time of year when I ask for volunteers for the Adult Choir.  Two new singers have already joined, thank you to Marina and Donna!  We always enjoy gaining new ladies for our really lovely Women’s Choir,  BUT WE’D LIKE TO HAVE SOME MEN JOIN US!  Really, just a few guys who have sung in the shower, or high school chorus or the Metropolitan Opera.  (Really, we have had a young man who is an opera singer, but alas he’s been lured to the big time.) We rehearse on Thursday nights at 7:30pm in the loft.  We sing mostly at the 9:30 mass, Christmas, Easter etc.

If  you’d like to give it a try, I meet with new singers at 7:00 on Thursdays, in the loft.  High School age on up.  Or contact me and we’ll discuss your personal musical history and how you can contribute.  Ladies will bake cookies.

Gail Shepherd 632-2559 ex. 209


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