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WHAT:  Themed Nights full of games, activities, discussion, and snacks centered around a particular topic.

WHO:  All 6th-12th graders have an open invitation to any or all PULSE Nights.  You are welcome to bring friends along - Catholic or not!

PULSE Nights are held once a month on Sundays from 6:00pm-7:30pm in the Bishop/Founders Room in the basement of the church.

 2014-2015 PULSE Nights 

October 26thBalloon Bonanza  

At this PULSE night we will have a BLAST with a variety of balloon inspired games and activities and spend some time discovering how we respond to God in our own lives.  Bring a friend, Catholic or Not, for this explosive night of fun.


November 23rdThe Marvelous Masquerade

Join us for a masquerade themed PULSE night.  There will be food, music, games, and more.  The topic for this evening focuses on personal identity and discovering who we really are. 


December 14thInside Out Night

This night requires some creativity and silliness as we look at things from different perspectives.  To add to the fun of this night, you will need to come dressed accordingly… that means wearing your clothes inside out, backwards, and in different ways – best dressed wins a prize!


February 8th Minute to Win It Night

Join us for this game-show inspired evening where you and your friends can attempt a variety of minute to win it games.  We will take a look at how we go about facing challenges and learn about relying on God.  Do you have what it takes to compete in the PULSE’s Minute to Win It Challenges? 


March 22nd -  Sabres Spirit Night

Join the PULSE for a Sabres themed night.  Wear your favorite Sabres attire OR just sport the blue and gold.  We’ll have fun with a variety of Sabres/hockey related games, activities, and snacks.  Come find out what the Sabres could possibly teach us about our relationship with each other and God.


April 26thFantastic Food Frenzy

This PULSE night will be the most delicious of them all.  Join us for a lot of fun with food related games & activities.   What could food have to do with being a Catholic?  Come and find out!  Bring a friend & your appetite!


May 17thSuperhero Night

A PULSE night dedicated to our love of superheroes!  Enjoy a night of superhero games, activities, and snacks all while uncovering your own super powers.  Come dressed as your favorite superhero or get creative and make up your own!  To add to the fun, bring a friend dressed as your side-kick.  Most creative costume wins a Super Prize!


June 14th  - The Amazing Race

This fast-paced PULSE night is bound to be the race of the year!  You and your teammates will race around the village to accomplish tasks and collect items on your scavenger hunt lists.  It will require a lot of teamwork, courage, and energy!  Who will be this year’s reining champs of the Amazing Race?