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Consultative Bodies

picnic at Saints Peter & Paul Church in WilliamsvilleParish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory group of parishioners whose primary function is that of liaison between the parishioners of SS. Peter and Paul Faith Community and the pastoral staff. Acting under the guidelines and within the perspectives of Vatican II, the Parish Council participates in mutual discussion towards the advancement and achievement of apostolic, social and administrative work in the parish community.

Council members are either appointed by the pastor, or elected. Elected members receive their position through an election by the parishioners. Nomination is open to any adult member of the parish. Notice of nominations and elections are published in the Parish Bulletin. The term in office is 3 years; however, a council member may be elected for one additional 3 year term. Council members are expected to attend regularly scheduled council meetings and to actively participate on various committees.

The Parish Council normally meets on the fourth Monday of every month, at 7:30 PM. Notices of meetings are listed in the Parish Bulletin and are open to all members of the Parish. If a parishioner wishes to attend a meeting, specifically for the purposes of bringing a matter to the attention of the Parish Council, we ask that they notify the Parish Council President one week in advance so that the matter can be included on the agenda. This is to insure that the matter is heard.

One way the parish council takes an active role in carrying out its ministry to the parish is through its standing committees. Membership on the committees is open to all members of the parish.